Brittany & Alec’s Downtown Newnan Engagement Session

Despite taking place on the hottest day of the year so far (96 degrees with a heat index of 103) Brittany and Alec’s  downtown Newnan engagement session was absolutely wonderful! Fittingly enough downtown Newnan is where these two met 5 years ago! Brittany lived downtown and Alec was a friend of her neighbor. That’s how it all began! 

As they were telling me their story of their lengthy courtship and wedding plans for a private beach wedding this summer I could feel the genuine love between these two. This is where I started realizing that Brittany and Alec were quickly becoming one of my favorite couples. They totally confirmed this when they told me about their adorable 2 year old son, Brantlee. I just love how they spell his name! We all spent most of the session talking about our little ones and parent stuff. Because lets face it, parenting is hard and its really nice to talk someone who understands the struggles and the victories. It truly made this entire session feel like I was just hanging out with super cool parent friends.

While we are on the subject of how cool Brittany and Alec are, let me just say that these two never complained about the heat. NOT ONCE! And I have to give credit where credit is due, Alec was the best sport! We all knew that he did not want to take pictures but he wanted to make Brittany happy. He did everything I asked of him with a smile. And I may be being a bit bold here but he might have even enjoyed himself just a little bit. 

While this was the absolute hottest engagement session I have ever shot (literally) I can honestly say that this one is a fast favorite. Brittany and Alec are so kind, so considerate, and just genuinely good people. I wish them all the best on their big day this Summer and in their marriage. 


Romantic, happy couple embracing with a soft kiss on the cheek


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