Kyearston & Tyler

The funny thing about Kyearston and Tyler’s prom session was that they “warned” me before we started shooting that they don’t do pictures very well. What they didn’t realize was that I welcome a good challenge and told them to bring it on. So when they started playing with each other with jokes and affectionate insults, I knew that these two were about to make some amazing photos!

Taking place at Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas GA this was the perfect prom photo location! With wide open spaces full of light it really set perfect backdrop for their prom photos. And Kyearston’s dress is the coolest because it has pockets. What?!? That’s right, I said pockets! More dress envy from me! Royal blue is absolutely their color! I mean look at them! Look how it pops and compliments their skin. Perfection!
Ok, so they said they said they don’t take photos well but I have proof that this a lie. They had everyone within earshot just dying of laughter! And they took all the direction I gave them and made it a fun interaction with each other which looked amazing on camera! In fact I feel that they have set the perfect example of why laughter and not taking yourself so seriously makes for the best photos! This session is truly one of my favorites to date not just because of how beautiful the images are but because of how much fun I had shooting it!





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