Happy Birthday Isla Presleigh!

4 years ago today my youngest daughter Isla Presleigh entered this world and made our lives so much sweeter!

I know, every parent says their kid is the greatest but I seriously believe my Isla is the kindest, happiest, and cutest child in the whole world! And since its her birthday I am totally taking this opportunity to brag on my baby! So consider yourself warned!

Everyday she wakes up smiling ready to see what the day has in store for her. Although, I am not sure where she got that from because her father and I do not have that kind of enthusiasm when we wake up. But she did get our heart. Isla has a heart of gold. She is always wanting everyone she loves to be included in what she is doing. And if she gets something that makes her happy you can bet she is going to share it. So if she gets candy you are getting some too!

She is definitely the most loving child I have ever met. She is always giving me random hugs and telling me that she loves me through out the day. Yes, every time it makes me melt. And snuggles! Anytime we are laying together she has to snuggle which makes my heart happy. I cherish every… single… snuggle.

One the wonderful qualities about Isla is that she find joy the things that she does. In her ballet class she is always smiling and she will make sure that everyone else is too. Even if she isn’t feeling herself she still manages to still make things fun. These photos for example, my poor girl is suffering from allergies and running a low grade fever. And she still managed to do a quick 10 minute birthday photo shoot and look fabulous. What a trooper!

Watching my little baby grow into this beautiful young lady has been amazing. She is constantly surprising me and making me so proud. I dont know what I did to get so lucky to get this perfect child but I am so happy she is ours. Happy birthday sweet girl!









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