Non-Saturday Weddings: It’s a thing!

Did you know that you don’t HAVE to have your wedding on a Saturday? More and more couples are choosing to have their weddings on all days of the week. I know this first hand because I had my wedding on a Sunday. So I have a little bit of credibility in this area here in my neck of the woods in Newnan GA. Of course there are pro’s and con’s to weekday weddings, so I have outlined few things to help you decide of this is a good fit for your big day.


Let’s start with the pro’s:

The biggest and best reason to have a non-Saturday wedding is because you can save some major cash. Some venues will give a discount to encourage booking these non peak days. It is to their benefit to have more than one event booked each weekend and they are willing to give a bit of an incentive.  The venue I went with did give us a discount and a few others offered discounts but a couple of venues we toured did not. Depending on where you are located these discounts can vary but I have heard that the discounts can range from a couple hundred bucks to a few thousand! That’s a lot of extra money to go to other wedding expenses!

The second reason I found was that Saturdays book fast. Especially during wedding season and at sought after venues. So if your original date is already gone it is still possible to have your wedding that weekend! This also goes for all other wedding vendors as well, they will have more availability if you are planning a peak season wedding.

Plane flights are usually cheaper during the week so this makes traveling guests very happy. Major holidays or events may affect regular flight prices so remind guests to check ahead of time.


Now let’s look at the con’s:

There is only one major con that kept getting mentioned, you will have less guests that will attend. I get it, a lot of people work Monday through Friday jobs so they are less likely to attend an event when they have to work the next day or their job is just too demanding. There are ways around this pesky little inconvenience. I found that the most popular non-Saturday days were Friday and Sunday. Couples said that their guests were pretty open to an excuse for a 3 day weekend. Or that they were the easiest days to navigate around due to work schedules. Another creative way around work schedules was to plan your wedding date a day before a major holiday such as July 4th. Lots of people get these holidays off from work already so they are more open to to attending during the week because they know that they have this day to recover.


Bonus tip: Notify your guests as far ahead of time as you can and send multiple reminders. This helps keep your wedding date in the front of their minds and take necessary steps.

Everyone has their reasons for considering a weekday wedding and in the end regardless of what day of the week you choose to have your wedding, the people who truly want to be there will be there. Are you considering a non-Saturday wedding? I would love to hear your reasons and the pro’s and con’s that you are facing.


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