Destiny and Drew

Drew and Destiny personally picked this location, Macintosh Reserve Park in Whitesburg GA, on their own! It is a beautiful, lush, nature park located right on the Chattahoochee river.  Destiny told me that she recalled going their with her aunt when she was younger and always thought it was beautiful. Never being there myself I was pretty excited about this session!

Ok, I say it was the location but truth be told I was more excited about my couple! Destiny told me that Drew was the mastermind behind this session and I was blown away! Guys are rarely excited about photos so when I found out he requested this session I thought it was too good to be true. YA’LL IT WAS TRUE! He was the best sport and truly enjoyed being in the moment with his girl.

These two met when their families worked together on a few jobs almost 3 years ago. Their parents became fast friends and it wouldn’t be long till these two became more than friends. Today you can see that Drew and Destiny genuinely love each other. He was true gentlemen and treated Destiny like a lady helping her up and down our trek in the park. Always pausing to assist her if she needed his help. And as challenging as the terrain was in the park Destiny held her own. But all ladies know that it’s nice knowing your man is there if you need him.

Cloud coverage increased as our session went on and we started to lose light fast. As we were headed to our last location elevated by the Chattahoochee riverbank we noticed fog rolling in on the horse pasture. It wasn’t too thick at that point so I suggested we see how it looked when we finished up. Literally 10 minutes later it was so thick! I seriously have never seen fog develop so quickly! Obviously we had to take a few photos in it even if it isn’t my usual style!

Drew, Destiny, thank you for allowing me to photograph this joyous time in your lives. It was absolutely my honor to capture the love that you share.





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