Kinsey & Family

Kinsey contacted me to do a different kind of session. She wanted photos of her 2 sisters, her 3 year old daughter, and herself as a  gift for her parents. Obviously I was honored to be the lucky photographer to capture this gift!

As if this whole session couldn’t get anymore thoughtful, Kinsey tells me that she wants it to happen on her parent’s property. So not only thoughtful but meaningful! Kinsey’s mom and dad have an adorable home in a residential neighborhood in Newnan GA, Thomas Crossroads area that boasts colorful trees and has a pretty big front and back yard. I seriously felt like I was in a mini nature park throughout our entire session. And the weather was absolutely perfect! Sunny and 67, I wish all my sessions could be like this!

Kinsey’s sisters, Sydney(fuzzy brown jacket), Natalie( light pink sweater), and her daughter  Lily (the little one haha) are all some truly amazing ladies! They were happy to be part of the photos and never once looked at me funny when I gave them crazy  direction. They were all super good sports and were up for everything I suggested. To tell the truth they all have the most contagious smiles that never seem to leave their beautiful faces! I actually decided that it would be interesting to see how they would look not smiling so I did an intentional serious face photo. Spoiler alert…they still look amazing!

I think I really need to give serious credit to Lily for this whole session. She was a trooper! I have never had a 3 year old do as amazingly as she did. She totally hammed it up for me and only started to lose interest during the last  5 minutes. It is safe to say this little lady is a total natural!

The love between these siblings is very strong and I think it is a direct reflection of the amazing job their parents did raising them. You can feel the joy and happiness that these girls grew up knowing just being in their presence. I admire them for coming together to create such a beautiful gift for their mom and dad. All parents should be lucky enough to have daughters like Kinsey, Sydney, and Natalie.









See! I told you! Beautiful even without those gorgeous smiles!


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