Luke & Gracie

Luke and Gracie’s Ashley Park couples session in Newnan Georgia-The City of Homes, earlier this year was so much fun! I had been looking forward to this couples session for what seems like ages. I have known these two since they began dating over 2 years ago and they have been inseparable since. Yes, peas and carrots accurately describes these two love birds!

Knowing them personally it was inevitable that I would get them in front of my camera. What can I say? I am pretty persistent! And boy was it worth the wait! Can we all agree that its impossible to take a bad photo of gorgeous Gracie? Those eyes! Lucky Luke!

Luke has a very playful personality that you can see shining through in so many images. I never knew what I was getting from image to image and it was a blast! Just look at Gracie’s face, she is totally reacting to Luke and her affection for him. It made my job so easy! They are a couple that just radiates cheerful energy. I seriously can’t remember the last time I had so much fun during a couples session!

The cuteness doesn’t stop there! They have matching cars. Eek! Ok, not exactly matching but they both have red Mustangs. Hers has a custom tag and his is a red classic with a lot more customization because Luke is a total car guy. He eats, sleeps, and breathes cars.  Go ahead, ask him anything about cars! I dare you!

These two seriously have so much love for each other. They truly showed me the joy of their real relationship. Goofy puns, inside jokes and all! I am so honored they trusted me with their relationship and photos. And I hope to get them back in front of my camera soon! Encore? Yes please!






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